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Distribution list management simplified

As a system administrator, managing a large number of distribution lists can be a tedious task. Parsing through email requests and support tickets for adding and/or removing distribution list members, with the occasional approval required from upper management, can easily result in a full day of work!

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Password management and the learning process

If you work at a school or in the education industry, you know how difficult password management can be. Personally, I remember having to ask my teacher to reset my password almost every other time we had to use the computers for class in high school. Students have many other things on their minds including their social lives, homework, grades, sports, locker combinations, To them, remembering what their credentials are to the applications they use on the school computers is secondary. The constant need to contact the IT department, while it might not seem like a huge deal, actually can have a big impact on the learning experience. The following are several ways which password management issues can be annoyance to both students and employees and actually hinder the learning process.

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Chrome books for education: the next big thing, or a flop?

Google has been aggressively placing its presence in the Education learning place. With Google Apps being used heavily and extremely successful, they have now increased their push of chrome books into the classroom.

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