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What is the purpose of identity management software?

Today’s technology world is bogged down by different systems, applications and resources. Amongst all these, is the necessity to access all the different platforms quickly and easily. This is where Identity Management comes into play. A person or in the technology world, the “end user” will have to not only need to have accounts created in each platform, but also need to easily access these using a valid login and password.

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How to manage credentials the easy way

A seemingly simple, yet tedious task for anyone in the information technology field is credential management. End users are given usernames and passwords for various systems in an organizations environment, and the hope is that the end users can manage these credentials with very little issue or assistance.

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Password reset

Easy Password Management , Manage Passwords , Password Management Easily

Distribution list management simplified

As a system administrator, managing a large number of distribution lists can be a tedious task. Parsing through email requests and support tickets for adding and/or removing distribution list members, with the occasional approval required from upper management, can easily result in a full day of work!

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