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Google services on the iphone 5s for educators; some common problems

Google continues to roll out their services to all iOS devices which have been extremely beneficial for educators. However with the various synching and performance issues that have been slowly creeping to the surface, will the iPhone 6 pose a problem for the help desk to roll out password resets, web portals, and educational apps to their staff, parents and students?

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Google Apps for Education , Google Apps for iOS , Problems with Google Apps for iOS

IAM for small businesses; is it necessary?

Are you a small/medium sized business owner? While often overlooked, smaller businesses, like large organizations, frequently have numerous identity and access management issues. These include ensuring security of systems and applications, as well as handling copious password issues. Unlike large organizations, though, small businesses often do not have the staff and resources readily available to easily handle these tasks so they either go unaddressed or require more time and money than is necessary.

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Identity and Access Management

IAM for Small Business , password management , Password Management for Small Business , Small Business

Dealing with password issues after the hours of the helpdesk

What is your current process for when a student forgets their login or password after hours? If the helpdesk/ IT department is not available after schools hours, are the students simply out of luck?

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Password reset

end user password reset , password issues , password resets , Self Service Password Reset