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IAM for small businesses; is it necessary?

Are you a small/medium sized business owner? While often overlooked, smaller businesses, like large organizations, frequently have numerous identity and access management issues. These include ensuring security of systems and applications, as well as handling copious password issues. Unlike large organizations, though, small businesses often do not have the staff and resources readily available to easily handle these tasks so they either go unaddressed or require more time and money than is necessary.

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Identity and Access Management

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Dealing with password issues after the hours of the helpdesk

What is your current process for when a student forgets their login or password after hours? If the helpdesk/ IT department is not available after schools hours, are the students simply out of luck?

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Password reset

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A front end of an automated account management solution; what it is and how it’s beneficial

Automated account management software is a great tool for automation inside Active Directory. What if you wanted to put some polish on the regular AD users and computer interface in order to allow your HR Employees to; create users on demand, view your logs in a nice format and anywhere in your network, or just have a place to view your current license and see how close you are till you go over and have to order more users.

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User Provisioning

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