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Why SSO? Four Simple Ways SSO is Beneficial

With so many passwords to remember today, the answers are abundant: Single Sign-On solutions (SSO) have been around for a while now, but for good reason. They are extremely helpful for many areas of your organization, with minimal effort to implement and use. Here are four simple ways SSO is beneficial.

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Connectors for an automated account management solution; How do they work.

Connectors to automated account management solutions allow you to make changes within all sorts of systems whether they are cloud or self-hosted systems, easily and automatically. When purchasing this type of solution, it is important to ensure that the vendor has, or can build the connectors you need.

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Are your new employees annoyed by the onboarding process?

There is always a level of excitement when starting a new job, with that enthusiasm comes added energy with fresh ideas and wanting to bring as much to the table as possible. The one thing that can damage this momentum is being held back from actually performing the job.

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