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HelloID + ChromeBook = Productive Students

Over the past several years there has been a mass migration of IT services, the majority of which have moved from on premise to cloud environments; a fact that anyone who has worked in the industry over the past decade is well aware of. As these back end transitions occurred the client (user) side of the equation has evolved with them, especially from a mobility perspective. Historically, mobile computing translated to a laptop, often high powered to accommodate a variety of user demands. However, cloud based applications place a relatively small load on local the CPU, mitigating the need for massive amounts of processing power in a laptop.

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Working in the IT Department of a School Can Be Stressful

Manual IT processes within the education industry can be time consuming. If you work in the IT department of an educational organization, either k-12, college or graduate programs, you know how stressful it can be to handle all of the regular account and password management tasks while also taking care of any problems or requests which students and teachers have.

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Schools Need Ease of Access and Security, Too

While the education industry isn’t normally thought to be handling highly secure information, it is still extremely important to ensure security of school’s information. The education industry has a large number of breaches every year, right behind the government and healthcare sectors and there have been many examples of breaches from students accessing and changing grades in their teacher’s accounts to students actually hacking into the network and stealing other student’s Social Security numbers or even credit card information. While some of these more advanced breaches take place in higher education, students in middle and high school have also caused many security issues.

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