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Ease authentication for young students with QR code logins

Learning and technology go together like the three R’s as it has become apparent that integrating technology into the classroom is an effective way of engaging students. There are, however, challenges with adopting technology in the classroom such as cost, administration and ease of use - particularly for younger students or students with special needs.

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Managing a 1:1 learning environment in K-12

It’s no secret that Kindergarten – 12th grade is quickly moving to an eLearning environment. Research has shown that implementing 1:1 technology programs in the classroom can significantly increase student motivation, engagement and collaboration. Accordingly, schools across the country are purchasing laptops, Chromebooks and tablets, pushing the boundaries to further education.

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Part 2: Mitigating the risk of internal breach

In part one of this blog series, we showed how access governance, in conjunction with automated provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts are essential in preventing internal data breach on an organization’s network. Today we are going to discuss how to take it a step further, and protect against these internal threats in a hybrid IT environment. There are many solutions on the market focused solely on cloud data protection or network data protection. We have found the reality of most IT environments to be a combination of both. To best offer guidance in protecting against internal threats, let’s look to a hybrid solution for a hybrid problem; namely, HelloID.

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