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Risky Business: Overcoming Onboarding Exposure (Explicitly, Perilous Passwords)

Few everyday technology interactions get on people’s nerves quite as much as the dreaded “Password Expired” notification. It is bad enough having to remember all of your passwords before having to change it up with a new value or a slightly different version of an older one – “Was it Brutus#341, Brutu$452?, or Brutus3#$!?”

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Connecting Office 365 to Identity Access Management Solutions

Microsoft Cloud is revolutionizing the way organizations across various industries operate; providing various services at a minimal cost and scalability that fits the needs of any organization. Microsoft’s productivity service Office 365 has opened the doors for employees and students, allowing them easy access of these tools on the go. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on the road connectivity can be simple and secure.

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Is Your School Still Scripting? Or Worse?

Is your school still using scripts to create student and staff accounts? Or worse, are you still handling the process manually? If so, you’re not alone, but you will be soon. More often in recent years, schools have been realizing the ease and cost effectiveness of automating the entire account lifecycle.

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