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3 Tips for Managing Access to Your Data and Applications Securely

Given the increasing number of potential threats to your organizational resources, it is essential to properly protect the data and the way it is processed. This applies to software, hardware, and employee training/awareness.

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How to reduce the risks associated with onboarding new employees

We are all susceptible to the curse of “password fatigue”, or struggling to remember countless logins and passwords. It becomes incredibly difficult to keep track of them all, forcing many to make their passwords easy to remember, often at the expense of security. Always remember that user convenience determines the effectiveness of your security policies.

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Multifactor Authentication (MFA), what are the options?

Providing easy and secure access to enterprise applications is something that every organization aspires to do. Single Sign-On (SSO) can offer a significant improvement in efficiency because you can access all of your resources and applications with a single set of credentials. To enhance the protection of your resources, you can go a step further and add an additional authentication level. This extra step is known as Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

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