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Why You Need to Ditch Manual Provisioning

As much as the road less traveled often builds character, who would actually prefer the long and winding path over a quick and painless shortcut? Whether you recognize it or not, we have all been given shortcuts to make our daily lives easier...

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The Phased Approach to Implementation

Over the past 11 years I have, as a consultant and project manager, implemented and managed many projects in the IDM field. These projects have varied from very small to enterprise level solutions. This experience has given me quite an insight into how the business works, how to gauge customer expectations, and even how to anticipate some requirements before they are provided. One important thing I’ve picked up along the way however, is the ability to recognize the need for phases within projects.

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How do you easily handle authorization requests and requisitions?

Authorization requests and requisitions are a part of life for most businesses. Employees make all types of requests for purchasing equipment, role changes or requesting additional access to systems/ applications. Authorization request processes may have different details, but they generally include similar steps: someone requests for something to be authorized, someone with approving authority considers the request, and then grants or denies it.

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