5 Advantages of an Identity & Access Management in Education

One of the major technology challenges that educational institutions face is securing access for your IT systems. Where companies usually only deal with employees using their systems, resources, and information, schools and universities must factor in additional parties. In addition to teachers and other district staff, students and sometimes even parents will also be given access to these resources.

So, how do you ensure that everyone can log in securely and have the correct access rights to the appropriate resources?

There is a lot of collected and processed sensitive student data that is subject to strict requirements for privacy and security. Tools4ever’s cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution, HelloID, can strengthen your educational institution’s compliance efforts. With HelloID, students can quickly access their resources and your teachers and staff can finally get back to focusing on their work, making the classroom a true “bell-to-bell” experience.

Below, are 5 key advantages to using HelloID within your educational institution.

# 1 Personal Access

Education is becoming increasingly personalized to where each student now receives their own laptop, Chromebook, or tablet to incorporate EdTech resources into lesson plans at all grade levels. As a result, each student gets their own profile that allows them to personally monitor their progress. Unfortunately, this means that there is a large number of profiles that your IT department is now responsible for monitoring and this often becomes too expensive to support manually.

With a fully-fledged Identity & Access Management solution, your IT department can automatically manage student accounts and students can receive quick and easy access to their resources via Single Sign-On (SSO). You can finally ensure that everyone has the tools and resources they need to succeed in the classroom without complications.

# 2 Staying Compliant

Modern privacy legislations (e.g., FERPA, AVG, GDPR) have been actively enforced since at least 2018, with severe penalties resulting from compliance violations. To date, no GDPR (GDPR is a data privacy European law) fine has been handed out to schools, but many institutions are concerned because administrators do not know exactly what is and is not allowed.

HelloID is fully compliant with the prevailing norms and standards and can assist your educational institution in adhering to the strict student data privacy laws. With an IAM solution, your IT department knows that access to systems and applications is secured properly. In addition, HelloID offers an auditing functionality that provides complete transparency on which students, staff, parents, and more are using which applications, at what time, and from what location. 

# 3 Controlled Access

Schools and universities are not only tasked with providing secure access to applications and resources, but also face the responsibility of correctly managing access rights. This can be further complicated when students receive new subjects and courses each quarter, resulting in the necessary adjustments. Teachers and employees will also need access to new applications and data regularly.

One of the most unnoticed security risks your school or university can face stems from employees acquiring too many access rights because of role or responsibility changes. This is called “privilege creep”. In addition to this security risk, expensive licenses often continue to run undiscovered for a long period of time. This can also happen when former students or staff possess access to their old accounts, even after they leave/shift grade levels. These “abandoned accounts” are also known as orphaned accounts.

By implementing an IAM solution, organizations can fully automate user management and access to various systems, applications, and information. Account information and access rights are automatically kept up-to-date so that security audits are easy to complete, and so you can save on unnecessary license costs. User account lifecycle processes are executed rapidly, to create, update, and deactivate users accordingly.

# 4 Reduction of Human Error

Without a centralized IAM solution, the authentication and authorization of access to resources are usually managed manually by the IT department. Not only is this expensive and unproductive, but it is often prone to potential human-error and oversight.

By automating the entire process and linking it to your source systems, your IT department will no longer need to manually manage access rights to data. Changes are implemented immediately and without errors in the network. As a result, IT employees spend less time on routine matters and have more time to work on impactful projects for your school/university.

# 5 Single Sign-On with QR badge

It can be very time-consuming for your students if they have to repeatedly enter a username and password to access the different applications which leads to less time for student learning. Many teachers are aware of this problem, as it directly inerrupts class if a student is struggling to access their applications. Fortunately, HelloID’s Access Management module can simplify your students’ login processes with Single Sign-On (SSO). With SSO, your students can receive access to all their applications and data via a personal dashboard by only logging in once.

What if you want to provide simple access for younger grade levels? Naturally, we also want to protect their applications and data. However, logging in with a username and password is a huge barrier for young students. To combat this barrier, HelloID offers an SSO authentication method where your students can log in using a QR code. This QR code is attached to a school pass or badge, and if the student holds it in front of the camera of their Chromebook, laptop, iPad, or Android tablet, they are automatically logged in to their device.

Want to Learn More?

HelloID is a secure and efficient cloud-based IDaaS solution that is available for your school or university at a low investment. HelloID’s features and functionalities include Single Sign-On, Multifactor Authentication, Service Automation, Provisioning, and more! If you have any further questions regarding how HelloID can benefit you please contact one of our US office locations.

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