4 Simple Ways Businesses can Improve IT Processes

Businesses, no matter what the size, all deal with IT processes in some way. Whether it be the provisioning of accounts for new employees, managing and resetting passwords, setting up new computers for employees, de-provisioning old accounts, etc., everyone has to deal with the same issues.

While you might think that that your process is fine the way it is, there is always room for improvement. Here are four ways which you can easily improve several IT processes without a drastic amount of time and money.

  1. Easily setting up employee accounts

When a new employee begins employment they need accounts made for them in all relevant systems and applications. As you probably know, manually creating accounts in each system and application is extremely time consuming. By automating this process, a huge amount of time can be saved. Auto provisioning solutions provide organizations with a fully automated way to synchronize a source system user accounts with network-based user accounts. An IT staff member simply enters the new employees name in the HR system and accounts are automatically provisioned in the appropriate systems.

  1. Ensuring that users are efficiently de provisioned once they leave the company

One of the most common IT tasks that is overlooked is removing and disabling an employee’s account once they leave the organization. When putting a process in place to handle terminated employees, the most common scenario is a link between the Human Resource system and Active Directory, the same as provisioning accounts. When an employee is terminated, a synchronization process needs to be in place to handle the decommissioning of accounts in all internal and external systems. This ensures that anyone who is no longer with the organization does not have access to anything on the company’s network, and is not accidentally overlooked.

  1. Allow employees to proactively solve their own issues

A common issue that the IT department or staff receives is an employee who was forgotten their password or locked themselves out of their account. While this is a simple issue to solve, it is an annoyance for both IT and the employee. Many organizations have found that an easy solution to this issue is a self-service password reset solution. As with many banking websites nowadays, employees are prompted to answer several security questions that they previously provided answers to, and are able to easily and quickly reset their passwords without needing to have the helpdesk intervene. This easy solution allows employees to quickly solve their own issue and get back to work without having to involve the already busy helpdesk.

  1. Allow Employees to Work More Efficiently

Employees, no matter what the size of the organization, often have many sets of credentials they need to use when logging into their applications to perform their jobs. Remembering all of these credentials and entering them for each and every application they need to log into can be an annoyance, especially if they need to do so quickly in order to assist a customer.

An easy way for small business to reduce the headache of multiple passwords for their employees to manage, as well as to ensure the security of their systems, is with a single sign-on (SSO) application. With an SSO solution, employees only have to remember one set of credentials, allowing them to enter their single user name and password one time and, thereafter, are automatically sign into all applications and systems once they are opened.

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