Using a self-service reset password management application can be a cost effective way of reducing the volume of calls made to the helpdesk. One major hurdle of implementing a self-service reset password management system though is getting every user in the organization enrolled into the software.

Depending on the method used to enroll, it can be difficult to force users to enroll. Your company may have invested money in a solution to help employees with passwords, but if they don’t enroll it is of no use to them.

If you are using a client, and every user logs into a computer connected to the domain then most software will allow you to force a user to enroll before being able to access the Windows desktop.  Many companies though implement a web portal for self-service reset password management, which offers almost no way of forcing users into enrolling into the application.

This issue can be resolved with an auto enrollment tool. The enrollment tool allows the organization to assign a number of predefined questions, which are taken from information from the companies HR system. These questions can be the person’s address, social security, birth date etc. Then, when a user needs to reset their password they can access the password reset tool using the client or web and answer these predefined questions to reset their password.  If the user would like to change their questions and answers they are able to re-enroll in the product using the questions they would like to answer.

Auto enrollment allows the organization to ensure that all users are enrolled in the solution so that they can get the best ROI on their password reset solution.