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Wisconsin’s Northland International University implements Tools4ever’s SSRPM

Wisconsin’s Northland International University implements Tools4ever’s SSRPM

Tools4ever, the market leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions with more than five million user accounts worldwide, announced today that Northland International University, of Dunbar, Wisconsin, recently implemented its Self Service Reset Password Manager (SSRPM) tool to more efficiently manage its user account process.

Northland International University is a conservative Christian college in northeastern Wisconsin whose mission is to educate students who will go out around the world and share the gospel.

University leaders decided to implement the Tools4ever solution because its internal helpdesk continually received a large volume of time-consuming user password-related calls. The move saves users, and the helpdesk staff, a great deal of time and inconvenience, by allowing them to manage access to their own accounts.

“The efficiency created by the university doing away with an arduous manual process not only has helped the school be able to focus more on its own goals, but it means much fewer complexities for students and staff,” said Dean Wiech, managing director of Tools4ever. “The Self Service Reset Password Management tool allows Northland International University the ability to focus on more important priorities than managing passwords and spending time on helpdesk calls. Hopefully, they’ll find that they can now focus their efforts where they are needed most: in the classroom and educational setting.”

Previous to implementing the Tools4ever solution, the university faced a number of users password-related issues that took valuable time away from employees and IT staff. Since the implementation of SSRPM, users can securely reset their own passwords at any time of day, even when the helpdesk is closed. Users simply answer a few security questions that they previously provided answers to and can then safely and securely reset their own passwords without having to contact the helpdesk.

Northland International University implemented SSRPM in two phases. First, it implemented the solution internally to a few select employees so they could test it to ensure the solution met all of the school’s needs. Then, after the test group gave the system positive feedback, the university offered it as an option for all faculty and students at the college.

“It has been very pleasant to work with Tools4ever, and its team and leaders have done a great job of being a good partner,” Adrian Smith, director of technology at Northland International University.