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Minnetonka Public Schools implements UMRA

Minnetonka Public Schools implements Tools4ever's UMRA

Tools4ever, the market leader in Identity and Access Management solutions, is pleased to announce that Minnetonka Public Schools has implemented User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA). Minnetonka encompasses 9 schools in Minnesota with over 9000 students and 1,400 employees. The district currently serves 10 communities with six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. Minnetonka implemented UMRA to automate the daunting task of account provisioning and ensure all accounts were created quickly and without errors.

Prior to UMRA, Minnetonka had built their own in house solution that wasn't meeting their growing needs, such as being able to work with Google Apps. It was also very time consuming, with the account creation process of one account often being touched by four or five employees. Now with UMRA in place only one person handles account management. New student data is entered into Skyward, their student information system, and the student user accounts are automatically provisioned by UMRA. Accounts are then automatically created by UMRA each night in Google Apps and all other applications needed.

Aaron Farley, Network Engineer at Minnetonka Public Schools said, "HR now no longer has to contact the IT department about account creation and can simply rely on UMRA to create accounts each night. UMRA allows us to be more hands off and eliminate a lot of steps which has also prevented many errors."