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Bank of the Pacific implements Tools4ever’s E-SSOM

Bank of the Pacific implements Tools4ever’s E-SSOM

Tools4ever, the market leader in Identity and Access Management (IdM/IAM) solutions, announced today that Bank of the Pacific has implemented Enterprise Single Sign-On Manager (E-SSOM). Before E-SSOM, the banks 250 employees had to login to numerous systems and applications each with a unique set of credentials. Each of these credentials had different requirements for password complexity, which made them extremely difficult for end users to remember.

E-SSOM was implemented to allow employees at the bank to login with a single set of credentials for all of their applications. Users simply login with their network user name and password one time and are automatically authenticated each time one of their authorized applications is launched. E-SSOM was integrated with many of the banks applications, even those with complex login requirements. For example, one of the applications requires that a company ID is entered before the user name and password, in order to gain access.

The Network Supporter at Bank of the Pacific said, “Many of our employees love E-SSOM. It relieves a huge headache for them since they don’t have to remember all of their complex user names and passwords. Tools4ever also has the best technical support I have ever dealt with. If we ever have a problem with anything they have been able to quickly and completely resolve it.”