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Active Directory Self-Service Reset Feature

Active Directory Self-Service Feature Added to SSRPM

End users can now edit their own attributes in Active Directory

Tools4ever, a market leader in identity governance and administration (IGA), announces that it has added new features to its Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) solution. Among the updates is “Active Directory Self-Service,” allowing end users to edit attributes in the Active Directory.

SSRPM Active Directory Self-ServiceThe new Active Directory Self-Service feature allows end users to change certain attributes in the Active Directory. Attributes that can be changed or seen by the end user are determined by the administrator. The end user can log into the SSRPM portal and see which fields can be edited, in addition to being able to upload a photo.

Previously, it was only possible to edit attributes in the Active Directory by requesting this from the help desk or if the organization implemented a custom solution. End users can now manage their AD attributes directly within SSRPM from the desktop or web portal.

Other updates to SSRPM include allowing end users to select a language, fuzzy answer comparison (allowing you to set how many characters of the answer must match), and also now supports SMS via HTTP request to allow for alternate providers.

Dean Wiech, managing director at Tools4ever, said: “With Self Service Reset Password Management we strive to ensure end users can do more by themselves without the intervention of the help desk. Active Directory Self Service is another great addition to accomplish this and ensures that data in the Active Directory is always up-to-date.”

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