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Tools4ever launches “E-SSOM Anywhere”

Tools4ever launches “E-SSOM Anywhere”

Tools4ever, the market leader in solutions for Identity and Access Management (IdM/IAM), today launched a new version of its Enterprise Single Sign On Manager (E-SSOM) including “E-SSOM Anywhere”. The latest version of E-SSOM supports Firefox browsers and allows users to maintain access to their single sign on accounts remotely outside an organization’s network.

Tools4ever’s E-SSOM is an organization-wide single sign-on software solution that enables end-users the ability to log into their accounts – email and professional profiles, for example -- just once, after which access is granted automatically to all of their authorized network applications and resources upon subsequent uses. E-SSOM operates as a layer of software atop an organization’s internal systems, intercepting all log-in credentials and allowing automatic access to all systems and accounts, reducing redundancies and multiple inputs for users.

Tools4ever’s new version of E-SSOM with E-SSOM Anywhere accommodates was developed in response to the growing number of telecommuters and students working and studying remotely, also those on non-Internet Explorer platforms.

“Remote employees and students increasing want to have access to single sign on. Thanks to E-SSOM Anywhere, they only have to log in once, after which automatic access is granted to all of their applications in their network or applications in the cloud without having to log in again,” said Dean Wiech, managing director of Tools4ever. “E-SSOM intercepts all log-in processes and enters the log-in details automatically for each user, saving time and creating a great deal of efficiencies for its thousands of users.”

E-SSOM Anywhere is available for download from E-SSOM Client through the E-SSOM portal. Once E-SSOM Client has been installed, users log into E-SSOM with the Active Directory credentials from home or any other connected location. Users only need to enter a username and password once. E-SSOM Anywhere provides the ease of use of single sign on in the network of each end-user.

A variety of organizations, including schools, hospitals and manufacturing facilities, benefit from the new features offered through E-SSOM Anywhere including organizations that have a portal containing a number of different websites.

Schools and educational facilities, for example, use E-SSOM to create electronic learning environments (ELO) easily accessible remotely for students, parents and educators, said Wiech.