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March 12 - Tools4ever's Information Security Systems Achieve ISO 27001 Certification Read More


August 19 - Tools4ever announces partnership with Ellucian Read More
May 29 - Tools4ever Announces New Technology Partnership With Blackboard Read More 
May 9 - Tools4ever announces partnership with PowerSchool Read More
March 25 - Tools4ever Implement IAM and SSRPM in DeKalb County School District Read More


May 18 - OneRoster® Conformance Certification for HelloID (Cloud-Based IDaaS) and Expanded Certification for Identity and Access Manager (IAM) Read More
September 18 - Tools4ever's HelloID product is now OpenID certified Read More


September 28 - triptic Integrates Tools4ever's Cloud-Based SSO Portal, HelloID, with Iris Intranet Read More
April 12 - Tools4ever wins best Network Access Control at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards with ERAM Read More
January 18 - Tools4ever enhancing HelloID security with an added proxy functionality Read more.
January 18 - Tools4ever adds RADIUS support to it's Cloud-Based Single Sign-On (SSO) solution Read more.


Sept 13- Tools4ever Enhances Security Within HelloID by Extending Access Policies. Read more.
August 8- Tools4ever publishes a new whitepaper about Web Single Sign On solutions. Read more.
July 26- HelloID offers Active Directory login for Google Chromebook. Read more.
July 18- Citrix applications are now available in Tools4ever's SSO cloud solution, HelloID. Read more.
July 11 - Tools4ever to Exhibit at BbWorld 2016. Read more.
July 6 - Tools4ever Signs "Student Privacy Pledge". Read more.
June 14 - Tools4ever adds additional security features to its Single Sign-On IDaaS solution, HelloID. Read more.
May 31 - New "Active Directory Self Service" Feature added to Tools4ever's Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) Solution. Read more.
April 19 - Optimum security and uniform management with Tools4ever's Vasco IDENTIKEY connector. Read more.
April 6 - Create lesson groups automatically in Google Classroom with the updated Google Apps connector. Read more.
April 4 - Waller Independent School District Automates Student and Employee Account Management with Tools4ever's User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA). Read more.
February 23 - Tools4ever Introduces IDaaS Cloud Solution: HelloID. Read more.
January 18 - New version of Tools4ever's password reset solution meets highest security standards. Read more.


December 28- Tools4ever to Showcase Its Identity Governance Solutions for Educators at the 2016 Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC). Read more.
November 20 - Tools4ever has been Selected by CIO Review for the 50 most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers 2015. Read more.
July 29 - Culver City Unified School District Implements Tools4ever’s User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA). Read more.
July 28 - Tools4ever to Attend Several Stops on the Interface Tour. Read more.
July 14 - Tools4ever to be featured on LI News Radio’s Jobline. Read more.
July 7 - Tools4ever to Exhibit at BbWorld 2015. Read more.
June 17 - Tools4ever to Exhibit at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Read more.
June 2 - Tools4ever Awarded GSA Schedule 70 Contract. Read more.
May 27 - Bank of the Pacific Implements Tools4ever’s Enterprise Single Sign-On Manager (E-SSOM). Read more.
May 12 - Tools4ever introduces WebSSO for it's Enterprise Single Sign On Solution. Read more.
April 8 - Tools4ever to Exhibit at Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMSS15) Conference. Read more.
February 10 - Tools4ever to Attend the Kentucky Society for Technology in Education (KYSTE). Read more.
January 28 - Marywood University Implements Tools4ever’s UMRA for Automated Account Provisioning. Read more.
January 14 - Tools4ever to Attend the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Conference. Read more.
January 6 - Tools4ever to Attend the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC). Read more.


December 2 - Tools4ever Becomes Part of ShoreTel’s Innovation Network. Read more.
November 26 - Tools4ever named a 2014 Readers’ Choice Award winner by Information Security Magazine. Read more.
November 13 - Tools4ever Shortlisted by CIO Review for “20 Most Promising Education Tech Solution Providers”. Read more.
October 28 - Tools4ever Becomes Integration Partner with Schoology. Read more.
October 22 - Tools4ever and Pearson Collaborate to Automate Identity and Password Management for School Districts. Read more.
September 18 -Tools4ever Launches Blackboard Learn Building Block. Read more.
September 17 - Tools4ever Partners with Boston Software Systems to Automate Identity and Password Management. Read more. 
July 14 - Tools4ever to Exhibit at ISTE 2014. Read more.
July 10 - Tools4ever Included in Latest Gartner Report. Read more.
July 8 - Tools4ever to Attend the Power School Users Group (PSUG). Read more.
June 11 - The City of Marietta Implements Tools4ever’s UMRA. Read more.
June 9 - Regina Catholic School District Implements Tools4ever’s Self Service Password Reset Management. Read more.
June 5 - Tools4ever Achieves Citrix Ready Certification. Read more.
June 3 - Tools4ever Sponsors the Consortium for School Networking CTO Clinic Texas. Read more.
February 18 - Tools4ever is a Proud Platinum Exhibitor at the 2014 Skyward International Conference (iCon). Read more.
February 5 - Tools4ever Develops Connector for the EPIC Healthcare Application. Read more.
February 3 - Several Additional Educational Entities Add Tools4ever’s Identity and Access Management Solutions to their Technology Portfolio. Read more.


December 3 - Waxahachie Independent School District Implements Tools4ever’s UMRA and SSRPM to Improve Efficiency, Automate Account and Password Management. Read more.
November 26 - Tools4ever Creates New Connector between UMRA and Zendesk. Read more.
October 30 - Pullman School District Implements Tools4ever’s UMRA to Allow IT to Efficiently Provision Student and Staff Accounts from Skyward. Read more.
Octobter 28 - Tools4ever Identity and Access Management Solutions Implemented at Several Healthcare Facilities. Read more.
October 14 - Tools4ever Is Sponsor at Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit. Read more.
September 22 - Minnetonka Public Schools implements Tools4ever's UMRA. Read more.
September 17 - Needham Bank implements Tools4ever’s E-SSOM and SSRPM. Read more.
September 12 - Tools4ever to Attend the Texas Skyward User Group (TSUG). Read more.
August 19 - Tools4ever introduces E-SSOM One Touch Access. Read more.
May 21 - Tools4ever’s password reset software ready for BYOD. Read more.
April 29 - Tools4ever Creates and Launches New Connector between its User Management Resource Administrator and the enterprise-class email solution, Zimbra. Read more.
April 9 - Tools4ever allows employees to manage their Outlook data. Read more.
April 4 - Tools4ever's UMRA implemented at several new businesses. Read more.
April 2 - Tools4ever's UMRA implemented at several schools. Read more.  
March 6 - Tools4ever's Self Service Reset Password Survey. Read more.
February 27 - South Jersey Healthcare implements Tools4ever’s User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA). Read more.
February 13 - Tools4ever develops a connector with Microsoft Lync. Read more.


October 23 - Tools4ever Prepares Its Solution for Windows 8 and Server 2012 Updates. Read more.
October 17 - Wisconsin’s Northland International University Implements Tools4ever’s Self Service Reset Password Manager Software. Read more.
October 9 - Cisco UCM User Management Organized Automatically with UMRA. Read more.
October 3 - Community Trust and Bank of Florida Streamlines by Implementing Tools4ever’s Single Sign On and Self Service Password Reset Tools. Read more.
September 12 - Tools4ever Launches Latest Version of Enterprise-Single Sign On Manager (E-SSOM) Featuring 'E-SSOM Anywhere' Allowing Single Sign On Access to Remote Systems. Read more.
May 16 - Tools4ever Introduces New Solution for Telephonic Client Identification. Read more.
May 10 - All Star Automotive implements Tools4ever's E-SSOM. Read more.
May 7 - Tools4ever Becomes Partners with Washington School Information Processing Cooperative. Read more.
April 19 - Tools4ever Becomes Skyward Business Partner. Read more.
April 10 - Tools4ever's UMRA connects with COUPA. Read more.
January 19 - Tools4ever connects to Microsoft Office 365 for automated user management. Read more.
January 5 - Tools4ever's UMRA is One of the Top 100 Products of 2011. Read more.

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